Juve, Al Khelaifi: “The farewell to the Superlega is great”

“Smart people realize mistakes and correct them”

Nasser Al Khelaifi opens to a return of Juventus in the Eca – the association of the top European clubs – after the desire expressed by the bianconeri to abandon the Superlega project, which also sees Real Madrid and Barcelona involved. “Smart people realize mistakes and correct them, so I think it’s a great decision by Juventus,” ECA number one Al Khelaifi said in a meeting with European clubs in Istanbul ahead of the Champions League final League.

“I think it’s smart of them to leave the so-called ‘not-so-Superleague’ – added the president of Paris Saint Germain – There is no future there, there is no project, there is nothing, so it makes sense going back to the family. It’s a waste of time, energy and money. All this for nothing. I welcome all those who realize their mistake and that’s what they should do. It applies to Juventus and to everyone else.” Al Khelaifi, on the other hand, dribbled the question on Juventus’ judicial issues, encouraging the club to rejoin the ECA: “They are their own problems that I won’t get into, they have their own lawyers who help them solve them. If they want to return as ECA members, I would fully encourage them to do so. I think it is best for them, they will be in a better position. Right now they are alone and it seems they are against everyone which is not good for them. They know what they have done and what they will have to do in the future”.