Juve, Allegri and Saudi Arabia: today’s news

The Juventus coach in the viewfinder with a pharaonic engagement in the background

Massimiliano Allegri from Juventus to Saudi Arabia? La Gazzetta dello Sport hints at the interest of the very rich Saudi football for the Juventus coach and the day gets on fire. Allegri, linked to Juve by a contract until 2025, has just returned from a complex season to say the least: his confirmation on the bench of the Old Lady appeared much more concrete after the recent interview with CEO Maurizio Scanavino. Now, the picture is being enlivened by Saudi interest, with Al Hilal and Al Sadd in the background and a pharaonic engagement on the horizon.

The very rich clubs, which brought Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema to Arabia, would be possible destinations for Allegri. The news bounced on Twitter and inflamed the debate among Juventus fans, awaiting a possible meeting between Allegri and the leaders of Saudi sport in Montecarlo. Just take a look at the trends in Arabia to realize that, even at those latitudes, the topic monopolizes attention. The name of the coach from Livorno is judged up to par by those who comment, but there is no shortage of perplexed judgments to say the least: Juventus’ last 2 years have not shone in terms of results and quality of play, Allegri’s latest version is not properly considered suited to a league that aims to gain international recognition and fans. To cool the climate, Allegri’s agent, Giovanni Branchini, told Sky Sport: “Arab offers? I don’t think much has changed, I think Allegri is involved in the Juve project, a very complicated project, but which he has embraced”.