Juve, Allegri: “My future? The company’s problem”

The Juventus coach: “We must all get out of this moment together. Despite the disasters we’ve caused, we’re third in the standings”

“My future? A problem of society”. Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus coach, thus dribbles the question about his future. The coach is linked to the Juventus club by a rich contract valid until 2025. The current season, conditioned by sporting proceedings and off-field events, ‘shines’ for the disappointing performances of the team, protagonist of a bad performance in the second leg of the Coppa Italia against Inter: defeat and elimination. “We have to think about tomorrow, what we think is all black today can turn gray tomorrow and so on. We all have to get out of this moment together. Despite the disasters we’ve made, we’re third in the standings. Our goal is second place, it would improve as much as done last year. Then we’ll think about winning the final and possibly winning the Europa League,” said Allegri on the eve of the match against Bologna.

The names of potential successors bounce on the media and social networks. “My future? It’s a problem for the club. I came here knowing it was difficult to go back to winning straight away. I don’t have to defend myself against anything, but work as usual. Let’s see how we end the year, we still have the chance to do good. Out of respect for the fans, I can only put in professionalism, honesty and commitment. Then there are difficulties in life, we will do everything to overcome them. If at the end of the season, according to the club, the work has not been satisfactory, he will make decisions. It seems to me a normal thing,” he says.

“The difficult moment is now, not when they took away our 15 points,” he says, recalling the canceled penalty, at least temporarily. “All of us including the club must be a single block, because we have 35 days which are the most important of the season. We must be a granite block and I speak at 360 degrees”, adds Allegri.

Allegri, after the match with Inter, allegedly went into a rage in an altercation with the Nerazzurri managers. “When a team loses, especially Juventus, speculations are brought up: people have imaginations and untrue things are said. When things don’t go well, and they will happen again even if one hopes not, others will be said. We must do so we’re not the losing team.”