Juve capital gains, Gravina: “Rules are strictly applied”

The FIGC president: “We are very worried about this situation”

“Juve has always been a model. But there are rules, there are rules and they must be applied rigorously.” Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC, thus expresses himself on the sentence of the Federal Court of Appeal which penalized Juventus by 15 points for the capital gains case. The theme is at the center of a debate, which does not only concern sport, in which measures and interventions are invoked to define the regulatory framework. “We need some interventions from the Italian government. It’s not up to me to make suggestions on government activity, there are ministers in charge. But I expect help, an exchange of reflections. We are open, we want to solve this problem”, says Gravina after the Federal Council meeting. “Today I don’t see any big tools available. We are working at UEFA level, I have made a proposal to take into consideration only the objective value present in that specific historical moment in the financial statements of the clubs”.

“I’d be foolish to think that a situation of this type could generate any form of satisfaction. I’d be a masochist,” he said referring to the Juventus affair. The Juventus club “has always represented a model in the economic sphere, in the modernization of structures, in infrastructures, in decisively launching the development project for women’s football, on the theme of second teams. I would be mad to rejoice with one of my company in such a situation.

“But there are norms, there are rules and they must be applied rigorously. We are very concerned about this situation. The time has come to put firm points in this area which is very undermined. A cross-section of our world emerges by reading the reasons for the sentence which does not give a homogeneous and particularly respectful image of certain moral and ethical principles. Far be it from me to express judgments of guilt or not, which is up to the justice bodies in which we believe: we will respect any judgement. It amazes me that you stick to some formalisms that cause some concern.”

“Case of capital gains?