Juve, capital gains ruling: how the Serie A standings change

Removed the penalty of 15 points pending the new trial

Juventus recovers the 15 points subtracted in January from the penalty imposed by the FIGC Court of Appeal for the capital gains case and, after the sentence of the Guarantee Board at Coni, passes from 44 to 59, from seventh to third place. by virtue of the 18 victories, 5 draws and 7 defeats obtained on the field. The Juventus team is now in the Champions League zone. Napoli commands with 75 points, Lazio are second at 61 and Juve, in fact, third with 59 ahead of Rome (56), Milan (53) and Inter (51). Perplexity remains for a championship that, beyond the dominance of leaders Napoli, for about 3 months was played with a virtual ranking in the positions that apply for qualification for next season’s European Cups. Juventus, awaiting the new decision of the Court of Appeal, is the subject of another proceeding: the FIGC prosecutor’s office has recently announced the closure of the investigations relating to the ‘salary maneuver’ – i.e. the management of players’ salaries in the two seasons conditioned by the covid emergency – to relations with some agents and to the so-called partnerships on the market with other clubs, not currently involved in the investigation.