Juve case, Abodi: “The system regenerates and takes responsibility”

“Here there are very few subjects who have the right to cast the first stone”

Juventus, after the penalty for the capital gains process, risk new sanctions? “I’m not making predictions, everyone has their role, there are the ordinary judiciary and the sports judiciary, they will tell it like it is,” said Sports Minister Andrea Abodi to Un giorno da sheep. “What I would like is a system that has the ability to regenerate itself and take on its responsibilities. Here, there are very few subjects who have the right to cast the first stone”, he adds.

Chapter Olympics and international sport: the IOC is in favor of the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus in international competitions with the status of ‘neutral athletes’. No decision on the Paris 2024 Olympics yet. “Abodi says. The Pd MP Filippo Sensi asked if the position of the IOC is also the position of the government. “I don’t think it’s the government’s position, so much so that a month ago I signed a letter – explains Abodi – together with all my European, American, Canadian, Japanese and Australian colleagues, which did not foresee exactly this. We will have the opportunity to talk about it together to have a unified position. There are still too many athletes who belong to the military and police forces and there are too many Ukrainian athletes busy with other ‘business’, unfortunately”.