Juve excluded from cups, Abodi: “I’ve never seen self-made capital gains”

“I hope we will be able to move forward, leave what happened behind us, which is not a matter that only concerns Juventus”

“I’ve never seen capital gains made by themselves.” It is a passage from the answer by Andrea Abodi, Minister for Sport, to a question on the disciplinary measures adopted against Juventus and which culminated in the exclusion from the 2023-2024 Conference League by UEFA.

“Is the disqualification of Juventus in Europe a defeat for Italian football? No, I don’t consider it a victory or a defeat, you acknowledge it, just as you normally do when there is a body of justice or there is someone that he must assume a determination. I hope we will be able to move forward, leave behind what happened which is not a theme that concerns only Juventus”, says Abodi, on the sidelines of the presentation at the Coni of the European volleyball championships.

“I think that in general all of us must aim for more correct and linear behaviour, without going into the merits because there could also be decisions. Moreover, the cases for which Juventus has been held responsible concern a plurality of potentially subjects, because beyond of the formal aspects, I have never seen capital gains made by themselves”, he adds.