Juve-Inter 0-1, Calhanoglu’s penalty decides

The Nerazzurri win the big match and re-launch in the Scudetto race

Inter wins 1-0 at Juventus in the match of the 31st matchday of Serie A and relaunches in the race for the Scudetto. The Nerazzurri go up to 63 points, 3 points behind the duo formed by Milan and Napoli. Juventus remains at 59, leaves every tricolor speech definitively and must think about defending fourth place. The big match is decided by the disputed penalty that Calhanoglu realizes at the end of the first half, in a match characterized by a long series of episodes with the referee Irrati and the Var protagonists.


Inzaghi for the challenge finds Brozovic in midfield, and launches Dzeko-Lautaro as an attacking couple, with D’Ambrosio, Skriniar and Bastoni the defensive trio to face the bianconeri. Allegri responds with the confirmation of Dybala holder after the rumors of the transfer market, but together with Morata and Cuadrado behind Vlahovic. De Ligt-Chiellini the defensive couple.

Just a minute goes by and Juventus immediately tries from the right with Vlahovic who receives and turns hitting right but Handanovic takes the ball. At 8 ‘Inter respond: cross from the flag of Calhanoglu, header from Skriniar and rejected by Szczesny. But the departure of the bianconeri is angry and at 9 ‘cross from the right by Cuadrado, Handanovic rejects triggering a bell tower with a strange trajectory, with the ball ending up on the crossbar after Chiellini’s touch. Inter suffers and at 11 ‘still risks capitulating. Dybala recovers the ball from 30 meters and tries his left foot from distance, but the ball ends up just over the crossbar. The pressure of Allegri’s team is constant and at 15 ‘Alex Sandro tries to the left, the ball is rejected to the right where Cuadrado tries the right from distance but Handanovic in diving rejects outside the area.

A minute passes and Vlahovic serves Morata at the far post who heads up, but finds no one in the center to serve. The Argentine Dybala is very inspired, he anticipates Vlahovic and points the opponent’s goal but Handanovic blocks the shot. Shortly afterwards Morata also tries but without success. In the end of the first half, everything happens.

At 45 ‘the referee Irrati awards the penalty after the revision to the Var for a foul in the area by Morata and Alex Sandro on Dumfries. Calhanoglu ends with a right foot from the spot, but Szczesny rejects, then on the rebound the ball ends in the net but, according to the referee, the Inter player commits a foul on a Juve defender. Another check at the Var and the penalty is repeated for de Ligt’s early entry into the area who then went to counter Calhanoglu. The Turk is back on the spot and this time he makes no mistake for Inter’s 1-0. In the long recovery Cuadrado serves Vlahovic on the right who frees himself and shoots, but the conclusion comes out a little.

Juve returns to the field in the even more charged second half and in the 50th minute Dybala tries the first shot on the fly, but does not find the door. Shortly after, Inter complicates their lives with a wrong short pass by Handanovic that favors Dybala, the Argentine tries the touch from the side and Brovovic puts in a corner. The Juventus pressure shows no sign of diminishing and in the 58th minute Zakaria manages to serve Dybala, the Juventus number 10 close to the door loses the moment and is anticipated by Perisic who puts in a corner.

Inzaghi’s team suffers but manages to keep the clean sheet. At 63 ‘another Juve opportunity: Rabiot controls an excellent ball and immediately serves Vlahovic, the Serbian striker is good at turning around on two defenders and with a right, he sends her just wide. The greatest opportunity for the bianconeri comes in the 73rd minute: a great foray into the central streets of Zakaria who jumps all the opponents and reaches the conclusion on goal from the edge, Handanovic touches and the ball ends up on the post.

With Allegri’s team, annoyed by the many wrong opportunities, unbalanced forward, Inter becomes dangerous on the counterattack with Correa stealing the ball from De Ligt, the Argentine serves Barella in the center who immediately widens to his right for insertion by Vidal the Chilean never comes too long and sends the ball out. Shortly after Darmian takes the ball from De Sciglio and passes in the middle of Correa who shoots very high and wastes. In the agitated final, Juve asked for the penalty for a foul by D’Ambrosio on Vlahovic and for a handful of Darmian on de Ligt but the referee continued and the challenge ended with the success of the Nerazzurri.