Juve investigation: prosecutor requests indictment for Agnelli, Nedved and Arrivabene

Overall, 13 indictments have been requested, including that of Paratici

The Turin public prosecutor’s office has requested 13 indictments as part of the investigation into Juventus’ financial statements. These are 12 natural persons plus the company. The position of the former mayors has been removed. Among the requests for indictment are the top management: the president Andrea Agnelli, the deputy Pavel Nedved, the former manager Fabio Paratici and Maurizio Arrivabene. The Juventus board of directors has just resigned.

The investigation, launched in November a year ago, concerns the budgets of three years, 2019, 2020, 2021, for which the prosecution hypothesizes fictitious capital gains and maneuvers on the salaries of football players during the Covid pandemic. On October 24, the suspects were notified of the closure of the investigation.

JUVENTUS – Yesterday Juventus released a long note stating that “the prosecutor’s disputes do not appear to be founded” and “any sporting sanction would be completely unfounded” given that the balance sheets have not been altered. The club also intervened to respond to articles that prefigure sanctions in the sporting field, with a range of measures that vary in severity. In a climate that recalls that of Calciopoli on social media, Juve took the floor “in reference to what was reported by some press bodies – in full compliance with the judiciary and market regulatory bodies, and while reaffirming their utmost trust in the judging authorities “.

“Convinced that it has always operated correctly, Juventus FC intends to assert its reasons and defend its corporate, economic and sporting interests in all venues”, concludes the note.