Juve, judge closes Curva Sud: decision causes discussion

The company’s commitment after the racist chants against Lukaku is not enough

The sports judge closes the Juventus curve and the fans get angry. After the semi-final of the Coppa Italia, which drew 1-1 with Inter, the judge ordered the closure of the South Tribune of the Juventus stadium due to the racist chants and insults directed at the Nerazzurri center forward Romelu Lukaku. The hot sector of the stadium, unless any appeals are successful, will remain closed in the home championship match against Napoli.

The decision comes “considering that, as indicated by the report of the collaborators of the federal prosecutor’s office, the supporters of the Juventus club occupying the first ring of the sector called “South Tribune” raised, at the 35th and 49th of the second half, vulgar and insulting chants and cries of racial discrimination against the player of the International Club Lukaku Bolingoli Romelu”. According to what was reported by the collaborators of the federal prosecutor’s office, “these serious manifestations of racial discrimination, perceived by all three representatives of the federal prosecutor’s office located in the various parts of the plant, came from the majority of the 5,034 occupants of the aforementioned sector”, precisely the first ring .

The ‘direct’ sanction, without suspension, causes discussion. Juventus already announced yesterday that “as always, it is collaborating with the police to identify those responsible for racist gestures and screams that occurred last night”. The Allianz Stadium is one of the few facilities in Italy where incorrect behavior is identified and sanctioned: in the event, two fans responsible for insulting Lukaku would have been identified and measures would be ready to ban access to the stadium.

All this, however, evidently did not avoid the heavy hand of the sports judge. For Juventus fans, as evidenced by the posts that multiply on Twitter, the difference in judgment compared to recent similar cases seems evident. Lazio, for the anti-Semitic chants intoned by the north curve during the last derby, was punished with a shift in the sector behind closed doors. However, the fine was suspended. During Roma-Sampdoria, racist chants arose from the south curve against the Doriano coach Dejan Stankovic: the intervention of the Giallorossi coach José Mourinho to stop the insults led the sports judge to adopt a fine of 8,000 euros as a measure.