Juve, Moggi: “Allegri will not be exonerated”

“Max is an expert coach, maybe he will be able to turn the tide”

Juventus will not send Massimiliano Allegri away. The coach from Livorno has what it takes to revive the Juventus team, which is in crisis of play and results. Luciano Moggi, former CEO of the Old Lady, is convinced of this and does not believe the rumors relating to the exoneration of the coach and the arrival of Paolo Montero, current Under 19 coach. “There is no doubt that Montero is a great coach . He has technical knowledge, charisma, character and could do well. Montero will remain in the Under 19 team anyway because Allegri will not be sacked “, says Moggi. “Max is an experienced coach and maybe he will be able to turn the tide. If he holds out next month, then in January after the World Cup he will start another season and he can change everything”, adds the former Juventus CEO.

“Yesterday’s test in Monza was nothing short of disarming, the team is in physical difficulty. Among the many problems that the team has, this one seems to me the main one”, he continues. “In the last few games, Monza apart from the fact that it was a disaster, Juve play well for half an hour, forty minutes and then physically collapse and are dominated by the opponent. If the game were the problem they would not even be able to do well at times” .

“The players who come from other teams – he stresses – who have trained from other parts such as Milik, Paredes, Kostic are the ones who are better off. Evidently in Turin something was wrong from that point of view”. “Now it will be important for Juve to lose as little ground as possible from those in front until the break in mid-November, because then from January everything can change. At the moment in the league nothing is compromised”, concludes Moggi.