Juve penalty, Fagioli: “The club will fight”

The Juventus midfielder: “We have to try to get to the Champions League”

“We didn’t expect 15 points, but we can’t help it. We just have to take the field and try to get to the Champions League. The management will fight to get this penalty removed, they told us to stay calm and put even more passion on the pitch”. This was stated by Juventus midfielder Nicolò Fagioli during a live broadcast on the Juventus club’s Twitch channel the day after the 3-3 draw against Atalanta. “We regret not beating Atalanta, a pity about the first five minutes of the second half. But in the end we snatched a point and it’s a good sign for the team. I’m happy for the moment we’re living in, we’ve done eight victories in a row and then there was the stop in Naples. I’m also happy from a personal point of view, we must continue like this”.

The 21-year-old from Piacenza reveals that he was very close to Inter a few years ago. “I was at Piacenza in those years, then I went to Cremonese and at that time I was going to audition at Inter. I had almost signed, then Gigi Milani arrived who changed everything. I chose Juventus right away. Milani “He’s the most important person here at Juve, he brought me to this club, I hear from him often and he gives me lots of advice. I admire him a lot. Being in the youth academy at Juve helps you and prepares you well from all points of view. Then with the “U23 there was a peak of players who came out, you compare yourself with many professional players that you don’t face in the Primavera. Then the Serie B championship at Cremonese also helped me a lot. That loan was of great value, I found myself with a strong group and with Pecchia that I already knew from my Juve days. It was a team that went on the pitch to win the championship.”