Juve, plea agreement closes trials: “Stop appeals”

The company takes stock after the agreement with the Figc prosecutor for the salary maneuver

Juve closes the process for the ‘salary maneuver’ with the plea agreement with the federal prosecutor’s office of the FIGC. The Juventus club is sanctioned with a fine of 718,240 euros and will not suffer further penalties after the -10 remedied in the case of capital gains. Juve, in a note, explains that the fine imposed after “the proposal for ‘application of sanctions upon request after referral’ presented by Juventus pursuant to article 127 of the FIGC Sporting Justice Code” provides for “the assumption of the the Company’s commitment to waive the presentation of legal proceedings before the Coni Sports Guarantee College against the decision issued by the Federal Court of Appeal of the FIGC on 22 May 2023”. Basically, Juve will not make further appeals for the capital gains case and for the 10 penalty points.

“The Company, while reiterating the correctness of its actions and the validity of its defensive arguments, has deemed it appropriate to apply sanctions upon request pursuant to Article 127 of the CGS in the terms indicated above in the best interest of the Company itself, its shareholders and all stakeholders (both belonging to the world of sport and not)”, explains Juve.

“The definition of all the open FIGC sporting proceedings allows the Company to achieve a certain result, putting a fixed point and overcoming the state of tension and instability that would inevitably arise from the continuation of disputes with uncertain outcomes and times, also allowing management , the coach of the First Team and the players to concentrate on sporting activity and in particular on the overall planning for next season (both with reference to sporting activities and as regards business relations with sponsors, other commercial counterparts and those financial)” concludes the club.