Juve-Roma, Allegri: “Tough race, nice to find Dybala”

Bianconeri recover Szczesny, Bonucci still out

“Roma are a tough team, it will be a balanced match.” Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus coach, said this on the eve of the match Juve-Roma scheduled for tomorrow for the third matchday of Serie A. “With Sampdoria we played a bad first half, and the thing that made me angry is that in the second half we had to bite the game. We didn’t take advantage of the chances. The performance of the first half needs to be improved, but we must also consider the match played. from Sampdoria. We could not have done worse than the first half, in the second we had to win the game “, he says, thinking back to the 0-0 in Genoa. “The criticisms were right, because we played badly. But we had a chance to win anyway. In a season there will be other games that are so ‘dirty’, they happen to everyone: we must remain calm. You have to try to play well and win games. I would not like to pass the message “which leads to being” beautiful but losers “.

Spotlight on Juve-Roma: “It is the first direct clash, against a Roma that is doing well and is continuing the positive trend that started last year by winning the Conference League. It is always a pleasure to meet Mourinho, he is shaping the team in their own way. Tomorrow’s game is difficult, they are a tough team who have not conceded a goal yet. It will be a very balanced match “, he adds.

Juve will face Paulo Dybala, who moved to Roma after the end of the Juventus adventure: “We find Paulo Dybala as an opponent, who spent some extraordinary years here, it will be a pleasure to see him again. There is a great spirit and I’m happy with that. what the boys are doing. Only the results will tell if Juve are stronger than last season. “

The transfer market also brings Arek Milik to Juve. “I am very happy with the arrival of Milik, a player who has impressive numbers and who strengthens our attack. He could also play alongside Vlahovic. We are waiting for the bureaucratic clearance, I hope he will arrive in the afternoon to have him available tomorrow. . Bonucci will not be called up because he is not yet well. Di Maria worked partially with the team, we hope to have him in Florence. Szczesny is available and could be back. They are out Kaio Jorge, Chiesa, Pogba and Aké. Locatelli? He is doing well, he must remain calm, he can only grow in condition. He can play in front of the defense, and if Rovella plays he can instead play the mezzala. Rugani? In Genoa he played a good game, he’s a reliable player. “