Juve, Roma and Inter transfer markets: increasingly complicated affairs

Between endless negotiations, installment payments, bonuses to be achieved, shared salaries and creative formulas

The transfer market it’s not what it used to be. The latest news confirms a well-established trend: business is increasingly complicated, between endless negotiations, installment payments, bonuses to be achieved, shared salaries and creative formulas so as not to compromise the precarious balance of budgets. Inter, which in any case struggled to find suitable substitutes after the departures of Dzeko and Lukaku, could break a pattern with the purchase of Pavard in which the greats of Serie A find it very difficult to complete their strategies.

Roma have been looking for a center forward for two months and still can’t close the Zapata operation, despite having fixed up the midfield with Paredes and Renato Sanches. Juventus put the Vlahovic-Lukaku deal on the table, without being able to define it, and have been looking for Berardi for a long time without taking him, at least for now. The Naples champion of Italy has changed little or nothing. Lazio moved with prudent operations, from Kamada on a free transfer to the loans of Rovella and Pellegrini. Among the greats, only Milan has made more substantial investments.

The next few hours and days should bring new business and some hits could materialize. But this transfer market remains the representation of an impoverished Serie A and in search of solutions that can still guarantee the top teams to compete in Europe as well. Last year’s results, with the three finals reached, show that the gaps can always be closed, somehow.

The disparity in terms of economic availability with other markets is evident, first of all that of the English Premier League or the big ones in Spain, without considering the unfair competition that comes from Saudi Arabia. The most striking fact is the dilation of the time needed to complete any operation. What was once done in a few hours now takes weeks. With the consequence that the objectives change and that the open options are always different. In the end, to make ends meet and keep the level of squads up, patience and work are needed, with transfer market men now used to playing on several tables and with very few cards available. (By Fabio Insenga)