Juve salary maneuver, article 4: the accusation of disloyalty and the sanctions

The club risks a fine, penalty or demotion

Sports unfairness. This is the accusation that the FIGC prosecutor leveled against Juventus in the investigation relating to the ‘salary maneuver’ with which the Juventus club managed the players’ salaries in the covid emergency. The issue of sporting loyalty is made explicit in article 4.1 of the FIGC’s code of justice, according to which the clubs – among others – “observe the principles of loyalty, correctness and probity in every relationship in any way referable to sporting activity”. The concept of sporting loyalty, as well as its violations, precisely because of the generality of the law, lends itself to an interpretation that is, to say the least, elastic. The same article 4, moreover, is the protagonist of the other proceeding in which Juventus is involved: in the case of capital gains, the Juventus club was penalized 15 points by the FIGC’s Court of Appeal. The proceeding will arrive on April 19 at the Coni Guarantee College.

Penalization, moreover, is one of the sanctions which, according to article 8 of the code, can be adopted in case of violation of article 4. “Companies that are responsible for violating the Articles of Association, the Code, federal and any other provision applicable to them, are punishable with one or more of the following sanctions, commensurate with the nature and seriousness of the offenses committed: a) warning; b) fine; c) fine with notice; d) obligation to play one or more races with one or more sectors without spectators; e) obligation to play one or more matches behind closed doors; f) field disqualification for one or more days of competition or for a fixed period of up to two years; g) penalty of one or more points in the standings; if the penalty on the score is ineffective in terms of affliction in the current sports season, it is discounted, in whole or in part, in the following sports season; h) relegation in last place in the standings of the relevant championship or any other compulsory competitive competition; the relegation to the last place in any case involves the passage to the lower category; i) exclusion from the relevant championship or from any other compulsory competitive competition, with assignment by the Federal Council to one of the lower category championships”.