Juve sentences, Calvo: “Disqualification from European cups? Only indiscretions”

“I too read them in the last few days in a sports newspaper and they seemed to us sentences already written…”

“Juve out of the European cups next year? The premise is that we don’t have any news on the subject, however I’m pleased that you call them indiscretions because I too have read them in the last few days in a sports newspaper and they seemed to us to have already Instead, I too consider them indiscretions, but we have no news on the issues on the matter”. Francesco Calvo, Chief Football Officer of Juventus, thus answered Mediaset’s questions on the hypothesis of a European disqualification of the club due to the proceedings in progress in Italy.

“From the point of view of the transfer market, the game is not decisive, we know that we have a strong team, who can certainly win tonight. Then we plan for next season calmly, in the offices, without pressure”, says Calvo referring to the Cup semi-final Italy with Inter. “We know that the team can always be improved, but now we’re focused on this season because we have about a month and a half of important challenges. How do you plan next season without knowing where Juventus will be? Juventus as a club is so solid which allows us to plan regardless of the sporting outcome of the season, this is our responsibility. It is then clear that playing or not playing the cups also makes the difference in terms of numbers, of the squad, but the solidity we have and the calm with which we can planning the season allows us to be able to do it in the right times with the right objectives”.