Juve under investigation for capital gains

Guardia di Finanza acquires documents at the club headquarters

Juventus under investigation for capital gains, searches by the Guardia di Finanza, by order of the public prosecutor, in the Turin and Milan offices of the company. The news was given by a note from the public prosecutor in which it is emphasized that the financiers of the Turin Economic-Financial Police Unit, delegated to the investigations, were instructed to find documentation and other useful elements relating to the corporate financial statements approved in the years from 2019 to 2021, with reference both to the buying and selling of rights to the sports performances of the players, and to the regular formation of financial statements.

At present, the note continues, the activities are aimed at ascertaining the hypothesis of the crime of false communications by listed companies and issuing invoices for non-existent transactions, towards the top management and the managers of the business, financial and sports management areas.

Under consideration, it should be noted, there are various transfer operations of professional players and the services rendered by some agents involved in the relative intermediaries. The profile of administrative responsibility for a crime is also assumed for the company, provided if a legal person has benefited from the commission of certain specific offenses.

In the note, the power of attorney pointing out, then, that to protect the financial market, the searches were started after the closing of the weekly trading of the Italian Stock Exchange, where the football club is listed, announces that the ongoing activities have been communicated to the Consob and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office established by the FIGC

The investigation, called ‘Prisma’, started in May 2021 and is entrusted to a pool of magistrates of the Economy Group, composed of Deputy Prosecutors Ciro Santoriello, Mario Bendoni and Deputy Prosecutor Marco Gianoglio, also making use of technical interception of communications.