Juve-Verona, Kean scores 2 goals and Var cancels: what happens

The first goal erased by millimetres

Furiogame of millimeters, in the true sense of the word, and Moise Kean’s goal in Juventus-Verona was canceled out by VAR. The episode that occurred in the 13th minute of the match between the Bianconeri and the Venetians monopolized the debate on the use of VAR, with doubts about the spirit of the rule and its application. Kean, who scored with a splendid finish after an excellent personal move, had his goal disallowed due to his irregular position at the start of the move. The VAR catches a portion of the attacker’s foot in an irregular position: perhaps a toe, a nail, or a ‘piece’ of the heel. Centimeters, perhaps millimeters that the video highlights and the referee punishes. Discussions start in real time on X. The rule is there, there is no point in protesting or calling it a conspiracy, many Juventus fans write. However, there are those who would like more certain proof, with an indisputable pairing of the offending frame with the image documenting the departure of the ball from the foot of the player who made the pass. As if that wasn’t enough, the script – with a different plot – repeats itself in the 53rd minute. Kean scores again, this time with a header, and the VAR is in action again: this time the goal is disallowed due to contact with Faraoni, judged to be a foul.