Juventus, Cobolli Gigli: “Elkann decision to change Agnelli management”

“Last night I thought it was a compact family move for the investigations of the judiciary, but it’s probably not like that”

The resignation of the Juventus board of directors and the indication of Gianluca Ferrero as new president are “a huge twist: two months ago Elkann declared his solidarity with his cousin, now there is a significant change of scenario. Evidently there will be some reasons, including the investigations by the judiciary, but the thing is so fresh that making statements becomes complicated”. The former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli tells Adnkronos. “I know Ferrero very well, he was already on the board of directors in my time”, adds Cobolli Gigli, who held the position of president of Juve during the Calciopoli period. “At this point it should be assumed that it is a decision taken by Elkann to change the management of Andrea Agnelli. Yesterday evening I thought it was a compact family move for the investigations of the judiciary, and instead it is probably not the case. A change appears in the context of continuity of ownership”.

Notwithstanding, he underlines, that “I’m interested in Juventus’ results in football: they were recovering and I’m sorry that there are fringes of fans asking for Allegri’s head when the team was showing signs of recovery. I don’t want the corporate crisis become a crisis for the team. Juve is then listed on the stock exchange, there are shareholders who have put money into it, the shares were close to zero yesterday, the fans who bought at 1.2 are certainly not happy. I hope that the replacement of today bring the least possible harm to the management of the team”.