Juventus earthquake and resignation, Andrea Agnelli ends

The president leaves after 9 championships in 12 years

After 4576 days, the era of Andrea Agnelli at the helm of Juventus comes to an end. The most successful president in Juventus history leaves office, resigns with the entire Board of Directors and leaves the top of the Old Lady where he landed on May 19, 2010. Agnelli, 46 years old, in 12 years has marked an era in the history of the club.

He brought the black and white club to its new home, the Stadium, inaugurated in 2011, and led Juve to win 9 consecutive championships between 2012 and 2020. In the same period, 5 Italian Cups also arrived. The most successful period in the history of the club remains linked to the son of Dr. Umberto, who reached the Champions League final 2 times.

With Agnelli at the helm, Juventus finally got back up after the quicksand of calciopoli and returned to excel in Italy and compete at the highest levels in Europe. Since 2010, the club has also begun an upward trend in terms of budget, with a progressive increase in investments and in the quality of the squad’s additions. In the middle of the last decade, Juve – as now with Massimiliano Allegri on the bench – gave the concrete impression of being able to sit permanently at the table of the big names in Europe. 2018 is a turning point, with the all in represented by the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The arrival of the Portuguese champion – a monstrous operation on a technical and financial level – is destined to mark the following years of the Old Lady. Juve continues to win in Italy but does not take the decisive step in Europe: on the contrary, growth in the Champions League stops and turns into a progressive decline. The covid, with the paralysis of football and the contraction of revenues, is the ax that falls on the development plan and which forces Juve to fall back.

The growth plan becomes a management project, the club and the team seem to get screwed into a football-financial spiral. In 2021 Agnelli, with Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​is the promoter of the Superlega project which founders overnight and which causes the rupture of relations with UEFA. In the last year and a half, the public appearances of the Juventus president have decreased. The Old Lady, forced to embrace a line of ‘sustainability’ and supported by the property with capital increases, ends up in the spotlight for the capital gains case and for the management of the balance sheets of the last few seasons, the subject of investigation: these are the events that find ample space in the press release that sanctions the end of the Andrea Agnelli era.