Juventus, Giletti: “Agnelli resigned due to split with Elkann”

“The breaking point is in the confrontation that he wanted to support against Consob and the magistrates”

“The letter from Andrea Agnelli essentially contains the truth: when he says that you need to be a team and that you need to be united to win battles, evidently the tensions between the owners, the partners and the directors of Juventus had reached a breaking point. It was inevitable to resign: there was no other possibility”. This is the judgment of the Juventus vip and true fan Massimo Giletti, who observed in an interview with AdnKronos: “The line of confrontation that Andrea Agnelli wanted to support against Consob and against the magistrates was not accepted by the owners. This is the point of break”.

For Giletti, “there was an evident tension, a rift, between the strategic visions of Elkann and Agnelli. Of course it sounds a bit like a joke, on the eve of the centenary of ownership of Juventus by the Agnelli family – recalls Giletti – Today ends the cycle of Andrea Agnelli who is the only one who bears the family name… I’m very sorry, because he had made courageous choices right from the start: when he arrived, he totally changed the management, he had the intuition to launch the story of Antonio Conte as a coach; and then, he won nine consecutive championships. However, in recent years, the frenzy of achieving results at all costs, already coming from great results, has led to choices that later turned out to be wrong”.

Giletti underlines: “Above all, the red balance sheets devastated by the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and immediately after Covid led to the onset of financial problems, Marotta’s farewell as CEO and the arrival of all internal tensions”. Of course there are many ‘hot’ fronts, among the findings of Consob, the accusation of false accounting, the investigation by the Turin prosecutor, the question of capital gains, the conflict with Fifa and UEFA on the Super League. “Choices are always the result of evaluations, which are made but which over time take on a different vision – explains Giletti – This is the great responsibility that one must assume at certain levels and Andrea Agnelli’s resignation represents, as well as the end of an era, the great gesture of those who put their face into it and of those who think that Juventus stands before their own person”.

(by Enzo Bonaiuto)