Juventus resignation, the super fan Linus: “From the dream we fell into a nightmare”

“After the showdown, now we need a president of reference, Del Piero or Chiellini”

“It’s been dragging on for several years, and now we have come to the reckoning. It all started with Cristiano Ronaldo and with a series of contingencies that unfortunately prevented the dream from coming true: indeed, from a dream we fell into a nightmare”. Thus the Juventus super fan Linus to Adnkronos, commenting on the Juve chaoswhich culminated today with the resignation of the entire board.

“Did I expect it? Well, you could tell from what was going on -says the well-known DJ- When Consob and the Stock Exchange come into play, you struggle to sweep the things that don’t work under the carpet. Now it’s a question of understanding how they will be justified and ascertained”. In the end, was the ‘flagger’ Zeman right? “Yes, a bit, even if he himself always wants to remind us that it’s not just Juve that are the ‘bad’ -Linus underlines- Let’s say that here it caused a sensation because the Juve is listed on the Stock Exchange, however that type of dynamics are widespread throughout Italian football and beyond. Even if it’s cold consolation.”

As a fan, “I hope that the two events will now begin to travel on two separate tracks -explains the Juventus super fan- which is the reason why I believe the board resigned, in order to be able to manage this crisis, and because the new board can work almost on a blank sheet”. Linus’ wish is that now “it would be nice if there was a president or in any case a figure of reference, even symbolic, because until now we have talked about very technical issues but football also needs heart and continuity. Be it Del Piero or Chiellini, both are fine“, he concludes.