Kabul airport attack, Isis-K leader killed by Taliban

The Taliban killed the ISIS-K leader who staged the 2021 suicide attack on Kabul airport, in which 13 Americans and 170 civilians lost their lives. The New York Times reports it, citing some sources, according to which American intelligence claims with “high confidence” that the man who masterminded the attack was killed while offering no proof.

The killing of the ISIS-K leader

US officials learned in early April that the mastermind of the attack had likely died in a Taliban operation in Afghanistan. It is not clear whether his killing was targeted or if his death is the result of growing clashes between the Taliban and Isis fighters, reports the New York Times, noting how the American authorities did not want to identify the killed leader. The Biden administration is calling the families of the 13 Americans killed in the attack to break the news. “They didn’t give us his name, they didn’t tell me the details of the operation,” said Darin Hoover, the father of Marine Taylor Hoover who died in the attack, describing himself as “frustrated” by the phone call from the White House.