Kaio Jorge responds to Suslov, 1-1 between Verona and Frosinone

The survival challenge at the ‘Bentegodi’ stadium ends in a draw

Ends the salvation match between Verona and Frosinone played at the ‘Bentegodi’ stadium is tied at 1-1 of the city of Verona, in a match of the 22nd matchday of Serie A. After a penalty saved by Turati from Duda in the 37th minute, the hosts took the lead with a penalty from Suslov in the 48th minute of the first half. The Ciociari equalized with Kaio Jorge in the 13th minute of the second half. Frosinone is 13th in the standings with 23 points, while Verona is 16th together with Cagliari and Udinese on 18.

The match

The first shot on target of the match arrives in the 6th minute. On the counterattack, the home team uses Noslim on the left, who centralizes and shoots: he blocks Turati. In the 9th minute, a personal action by Lazovic, who cuts in from the left. The Serbian, however, is hindered by Suslov, who shoots from distance in his place, hits badly and the opportunity disappears. In the 10th minute, a dangerous cross from the right, Folorunsho heads it into the area but is caught by Turati. In the 17th minute Lazovic tries: first power attempt rejected, on the second he tries with a lob, but only finds the top of the net. After two minutes comes the first interesting action from Frosinone, who releases Seck on the left side of the penalty area. However, the former Torino player’s shot was blocked for a corner by the defence.

In the 26th minute Harroui collects a clearance from the Verona defense and volleys a right-footed shot from the edge of the area: the ball is not far from the crossbar. In the 36th minute Verona’s persistent action: Tchatchoua crossed from the right and found Barrenechea’s effort at the near post. Noslim anticipates Bourabia and takes a hit from the former Sassuolo player. La Penna, recalled to the VAR, awards the home team a penalty. Duda goes from 11 meters but has his shot saved by Turati. In full recovery, Duda’s cross from the left: Dawidowicz hits the ball with his head and finds a touch from Bourabia’s arm, also guilty of the first penalty caused. The Penna blows the whistle immediately and the VAR confirms. This time Suslov shoots and Turati can only graze the ball: 1-0 Verona at half-time.

In the 4th minute of the second half Folorunsho frees Tchatchoua with a backheel, who immediately crosses for Noslim: his header goes wide. A minute after the guests’ response, Kaio Jorge and Soulè work a good ball to the left. Ghedjemis is freed with a shot from the edge, but the attempt is blocked by Montipò. The Ciociari equalized in the 13th minute. Soulé finds Barrenechea’s shot from the flag at the near post, Kaio Jorge hits from two steps at the second and equalises. Winning action by the Juventus youngsters: 1-1 at Bentegodi.

In the 17th minute Verona reacted with the acceleration of Noslim on the left, who served Suslov, a diagonal shot but the ball went out. In the 20th minute Noslim again on the left, who crosses low for Henry, a treacherous left foot and a diving Turati says no. In the 23rd minute Kaio Jorge came close to scoring a double. Gelli’s corner, the Brazilian heads well but finds the save on the line from Tchathoua, also with a header. At the half hour mark Harroui on the left, who skips Duda, enters the area and crosses low: Magnani only concedes corners. On the corner, Ghedjemis’ header was blocked by Montipò. In the 36th minute Harroui verticalizes for Kaio Jorge, providential closure by Dawidowicz who avoids the worst.

In the 42nd minute Cheddira, who came on in place of Kaio Jorge, ate away the lead. Stunning cross from Mazzitelli from the right, the former Bari player breaks away alone in the small area and misses the target with his head. Two minutes later Verona wasted: Vinagre was immediately incisive with a recovered ball and the central verticalization for Henry, who wasted a right-footed shot in front of Turati.