Kansas, rejected referendum to cancel abortion right

Record turnout, 62% voted against Conservative proposal. Biden: “Response to extremist ruling of the Supreme Court”

In the first electoral test on the right to abortion after the shock ruling of the Supreme Court, the vast majority of Kansas voters decided through a referendum to continue guaranteeing the right to terminate pregnancy as part of the state constitution.

With the data still not definitive, more than 62% of the voters of the traditionally conservative state voted no to the proposal to amend the Constitution in order to allow the Republican majority leading the state to pass a law in Kansas to limit, or completely cancel access to abortion, as dozens of other states have done since the sentence passed last June by the Supreme Court.

And another positive sign for the Democrats is that yesterday in Kansas, where they voted as in four other states also for the primary, there was a turnout higher than in recent years, which could eventually reach the record recorded. in 2008 – the year of Barack Obama’s election – when it reached 50%.

The high turnout recorded yesterday in Kansas therefore confirms that the attack on the right to abortion could be a determining factor for next November’s elections, motivating progressive voters to go and vote en masse.

The current law allows Kansas to be aborted up to the 22nd week and the state has become a sort of refuge for thousands of women in neighboring states, including Texas and Oklahoma, who have passed anti-abortion laws in recent weeks.

“The extremist decision of the Supreme Court to overturn the Roe v Wade ruling has put women’s health and lives at risk. Tonight, the American people spoke about it,” he said. Joe Biden commenting on the results of the referendum. “Voters went to the polls in record numbers to reject extremist attempts to amend the Constitution” by canceling the protection of the right to abortion, she added.

“This vote clearly states what we already know: the majority of Americans believe that women should have access to abortion and have the right to make their own health choices,” continued the president urging Congress “to listen to the will. of the American people and restore the protections of the Roe with a federal law “.

Meanwhile, Biden assures that his administration “will continue to take significant action to protect women’s reproductive rights”. “And the American people must continue to use their voices to protect women’s rights, including abortion,” she concludes with a clear reference to the elections next November.