Kanye West bought 4,000 toys for Chicago children

It will be a Christmas to remember for the children of Chicago, recipients of toys and gifts purchased from a very special Santa. The rapper Kanye West bought approx four thousand toys for the needy children of the community of the city of Illinois where he grew up with his mother from a very young age. The news was reported by the international media accompanied by the words of Stephanie Coleman, councilor of the sixteenth district of Chicago where West was welcomed as a hero.

Kanye, Chicago Children’s Hero

The toys purchased by Kanye West were distributed over the weekend leading up to the holiday season at an event at the Kennedy King Gymnasium in Chicago where local network cameras were present. Object of the solidarity of the award-winning artist, the children of Englewood, a neighborhood in the southern area of ​​the city of Chicago, many of which are the protagonists of particularly difficult stories that tell the domestic violence and social hardship of families with parents who are victims of addictions or in prison for serious crimes, a fairly common situation in the American metropolis where there is a strong problem linked to the uncontrolled circulation of firearms.
In the interviews released for the occasion, Coleman pointed out that West on this occasion acted like a modern Santa Claus, giving some of the magic of the party to those who, otherwise, would not have had the opportunity to celebrate it worthily. The rapper was praised for his constant attention to the needs of the community where he lived his childhood and youth and his link with the city of Chicago was featured in his latest record, Donda, whose live performances were characterized by a scenography which included the old town house in which the artist lived as a child with his mother, purchased and rebuilt from the foundations for emotional and symbolic reasons.

Solidarity with the homeless of Los Angeles

But Kanye West’s charitable initiatives aren’t limited to the Illinois community: the rapper a few weeks ago was also spotted in his adopted state, California, where he distributed a thousand meals to the homeless on the occasion of Thanksgiving. West went to the Skid Row mission in Los Angeles, a place that has also appeared several times in reality TV Keeping Up With The Kardashians, within some episodes of the show in which the Kardashian sisters, visiting the mission, presented the problem of homelessness to the American public, one of the most serious emergencies afflicting the city and the population of Los Angeles.