Kanye West in Reggio Emilia, yellow tickets and uncertain weather

The artist’s performance is scheduled for October 20th. Meanwhile, the partisan associations are protesting: “We don’t want him here”

The stage at the Rcf Arena in Reggio Emilia is practically ready. The preparation operations to welcome Kanye West, according to what ‘Il Resto del Carlino’ reports, ended on Thursday evening. And the controversial rapper, who in the meantime has decided to call himself Ye, is expected to present his new album to Campovolo, about which almost nothing is known, including who will distribute it. The chosen date would be October 20th but there are still no tickets available and the event is looming with the unknown weather which, according to the forecast, will not be good at all next week.

Bureaucracy well underway, up to 100 thousand fans expected

But the licensing paperwork for the event, which is expected to attract between 80,000 and 100,000 fans, is well under way. All the documentation was presented by the production yesterday to the prefecture, which convened the order and safety committee for Monday at 4pm to evaluate every aspect of such an impressive influx of spectators.

Partisan associations: “We don’t want it here”

The climate of anticipation is heated up by the controversies raised by partisan associations in recent days against the concert of the rapper who in the past has been the protagonist of anti-Semitic and pro-Hitler remarks. “In Reggio Emilia, a gold medal city of resistance, we don’t want it”, said Anpi and Casa Cervi.

Surprise concerts, West as Travis Scott

If Kanye West actually performs on October 20, the phenomenon of impromptu concerts by big stars could become a growing trend. In recent weeks, Travis Scott’s live at the Circus Maximus had caused a lot of discussion, also the one announced less than a week before and also the one to present the rapper’s new album ‘Utopia’ live.