Karen Bejarano gave her opinion on the romance rumors of Gala Caldirola and Mauricio Pinilla

The model and influencer Gala Caldirola The 29-year-old has spent a few difficult days after the journalist Sergio Rojas declared that the former soccer player Mauricio Pinilla supports her financially in addition to being in a romantic relationship with her for some time.

It was on his virtual program “What I tell you” that Rojas said: “Mauricio Pinilla is so hooked on Gala Caldirola that even he has already made a certain financial commitment to Gala. (Pinilla) he has already released the chauchera and is supporting it financially with some things “.

Gala Caldirola He reacted immediately and expressed himself in his Instagram stories before his more than two and a half million followers from all latitudes who did not lose track of him and marked the points for Sergio Rojas saying: “I am a decidedly independent woman. I have a wonderful work situation and I don’t owe anyone anything. Stop judging and denigrating women with baseless speculation.”

Gala Caldirola. Source: Terra archive

Now her friend and colleague Karen Bejarano He got fully into the controversy and also used his stories to express himself about it and defend Gala Caldirola in this way: “My precious, it seems to me extremely fair that you do not let yourself be trampled by those who want to sell more with a morbid headline”.

Karen’s message of support for Gala. Source: instagram @karenbejaranotv

Finally Karen Bejarano publicly told Gala Caldirola: “Those of us who know you know what a hard-working woman you are and how hard you work and have worked so that nothing is missing in your home” and called for “not consuming this type of gossip. Let’s evolve from love and worry about what we competes to each one and period”.