Karen Bejarano was inspired by Shakira to change her look and looks unrecognizable

Singer Karen Bejarano 37 years old is one of the most recognized figures in the world of entertainment and also in social networks. On Instagram alone, she accumulates more than a million followers from all corners of the world who are aware of her movements.

For them, Karen Bejarano She shares photos of her best looks and poses since she is a benchmark for fashion and trends and more than one wants to imitate her, but she also posts postcards of her work, her daily life and her travels, as well as viral challenges and Tik challenges. Tok.

But now Karen Bejarano He surprised his followers by showing an impressive change of appearance that his followers immediately approved and even compared his appearance with that of the singer Shakira. “Change of look by the hand of my dry friends @carlosyeugenio. PS: Watch it until the end,” wrote the artist.

In the short clip posted by Karen Bejarano and that his fans were in charge of quickly viralizing on social networks, you can see the process from start to finish of treating his hair in the beauty salon to change the tone. She left the chestnut to go to the reddish that is in fashion.

Karen Bejarano. Source: instagram @karenbejaranotv

The followers of Karen Bejarano They let her know through likes and comments how good this new look suits her and they left her reactions like: “Karen redhead”, “you looked like Karen Paola”, “how beautiful”, “colorina, ready to go to the show” , “Your color was beautiful”, “beautiful”, “dreamed”, “gorgeous”, “you look like Shakira”, and “you look like Jennifer López”.