Karma, their saving response is an Exact Light: the video

There is a moment in the transition between night and day when things seem to stop and a hidden truth seems to reveal itself. However, it is a moment that we are unable to grasp and the meaning that we had perceived in its banal and at the same time wonderful accuracy escapes us, leaving the mystery in our eyes”.

The video of Exact Light it was filmed by Sirio Magnabosco in 2020 in Iran, more precisely on the island of Kish, when the song was still in the audition phase. Sirio, my collaborator for many years, had found a way to move from Italy during the hardest months of the pandemic and take refuge far away to dedicate himself to personal projects related to photography. He brought with him some songs that I was recording and that I had shared with him previously. Sirio replied by sending me some images with just the caption Exact Light. Extraordinary landscapes, of unreal beauty, and human figures in suspension, enraptured, almost ecstatic. Those who know Sirio’s work will well remember his famous one A Series of Unexpected Meditations, images of strangers captured in open places apparently halfway between a state of consciousness and a dream. Thus was born the idea of ​​the video and of a narration that tries to transfer into images the perception of having grasped a superior Truth, almost a revelation that, as the song says, is “clear and perfect”, leaves one “lifeless”.

Exact Light describes a moment of true peace, real and metaphorical, deep within us, as in the world around us. The only human figures that can be seen in the video are different in ethnicity and origin, but all leaning towards the same search for an answer. A saving answer. It is a presence of “humanity”, perfectly integrated into the natural scenario, reduced to a simple element of a complex ecosystem, in which it does not dominate, but instead completes a picture of poignant beauty. We soon realize that we are witnessing a wait, which culminates in a celestial event. An eclipse, exactly like the one that occurred last October 13th, the day on which the video was casually edited and sent for publication. It is the moment in which everything stops and the Light becomes a message which, once revealed, allows the world to return to its slow flow. The video goes black and the music slowly fades away. The words of a famous poem by Laurence Housman remain superimposed.

Peace looked down
and saw the war,

“There I want to go,” said Peace.
Love looked down
and saw the hatred,
“There I want to go” said love.
The light looked down
and saw the darkness,
“That’s where I want to go,” said the light.

A message of hope in a historical moment in which the only response taken into consideration is the sound of weapons and Peace remains only a utopia.