Karol G announced unexpected news

Singer Carol G The 31-year-old is one of the Latin artists with the greatest international projection and therefore accumulates more than 54 million followers from all corners of the world on Instagram alone. Her songs are among the most played on all platforms and her face is one of the most famous.

The registered trademark of Carol G Lately it was her long light blue hair, but now Bichota announced on her social networks that she left this hair color behind and will soon surprise everyone with a new look. The singer explained that she is closing a new stage in her life and that by starting another, she will also have a new appearance.

Carol G He shared in his Instagram stories for his fans over the weekend a series of postcards from his vacation in Kenya, Africa with his friends, and closed the story by saying that his hair is no longer blue. “This was one of my last photos with blue hair,” said the singer.

Karol G’s message to her fans. Source: instagram @karolg

“I want to thank everyone who loved this era, all of you who lived through it with me, and everything I grew up with and learned from it. I’m definitely ready for everything to come, next level unlocked and no, I don’t have the blue hair but I know that we are going to love together what is coming. I love them well, “he detailed Carol G On Instagram.

Karol G’s message to her fans. Source: instagram @karolg

In parallel form, Carol G appeared in Belgium at the Tomorrowland festival alongside DJ Tiesto. To everyone’s surprise, she dressed in black on stage and only covered herself with a Colombian flag. All the time she had her hair covered with a black cloth and intrigued those present.