Karol G flaunts her true beauty by posing on her back next to the pool

Carol G. He is taking a break after releasing his latest hit song. ‘El Cairo’ is the name of her new song, in collaboration with the artist from the same land: Ovy On The Drums. More than seven million people have already reproduced the hit on YouTube.

Pedro Artola was the director of the video and Carol G. thanked him for all the passion and dedication he put into his work. “I love you Pedro Artola, director of this marvelous video: ‘Provenza’, ‘Gatúbela’ and a lot of incredible things to come,” said the Colombian, leaving all her fans wanting to hear more.

“Beyond being in my Top 5 places in the world that I dreamed of visiting, I had a slightly more ambitious vision in this country: Close the streets, the sphinx and the pyramids of Egypt to achieve a video that was always on my mind, in my goals to meet and in my heart! That majestic moment when I myself arrived at this place and saw that after how difficult it was to achieve it, it was already a reality, I keep it as one of the best feelings of my life!” expressed the artist in her official account of instagram.

Karol G by the pool. Source: Instagram @karolg

In the last few hours Carol G. shared again an incredible photo session. With many pink emojis of bows, hearts and flowers, the singer was shown next to a pool with a total Pink made up of pants, a jacket and a pink clutch. She also used a filter with pink bears.

Karol G posed on his back. Source: Instagram @karolg

In one of the photographs, Carol He posed on his back and took all eyes. The publication exceeded two million likes and 18,000 comments. “Karol should take me to PR with her… I cook, wash and iron. I can also help you organize, I take photos and record videos too” and “How I would like to go with her to a concert that is my dream, up with the baby, up with Karol G and up with her new song Cairo and up with the bichotas” were some of they.

Karol G with bear filter. Source: Instagram @karolg