Karol G imposes a trend with a striped dress that stylizes the figure after 30

Carol G. He is one of the most iconic figures in the world of music. Her albums and songs are the most listened to on the main rankings and platforms. In addition, her trajectory over the years has been reaping awards and prizes, even surpassing many men installed many years ago in the industry.

Recently, Carol G. It was the cover of GQ magazine, although the famous woman was not happy with the work due to the “excess Photoshop” that the images received. Far from remaining silent, the paisa artist downloaded her on her social networks and received hundreds of messages of support from her colleagues and also from her followers.

Karol G on the cover of Elle USA. Source: Instagram @karolg

“Today my GQ magazine cover was released, a cover with an image that does NOT represent me. My face doesn’t look like that, my body doesn’t look like that and I feel very happy and comfortable with how I look naturally. I appreciate opportunity magazine because I was very happy when they confirmed that I would be there, but despite making clear my disagreement with the number of edits they made to the photo, they did nothing about it, as if I needed all those changes to look good ” was part of the extensive message of Carol G..

Karol G in a striped dress on the cover of Elle USA. Source: Instagram @karolg

This Tuesday, May 23, La Bichota shared on her official Twitter account instagram the photo shoot he did for Elle USA, the iconic American magazine. “These days have been crazy, beautiful, special and the blessings and opportunities do not stop coming” wrote the famous, as she also clarifies in her song TQG: “Go back with you never, you are bad luck or because now I’ve blessed her” they rain on me”.

Karol G on the cover of Elle Usa with a red and white striped dress. Source: Instagram @karolg

“Thank you @elleusa for this invitation to be on the cover, for these beautiful photos, for the admiration and respect and for this day that we enjoy so much. Pdta: photo 8 MY FAVORITE! And yours???” finished his post Carol G.. One of the photos that attracted the most attention is one in which she wore a vertical red and white striped dress, in which she undoubtedly stylized her figure.