Karol G returned to the color blue and fell in love with his fans

Carol G. She is one of the most beloved artists in the world of entertainment. in your account instagram currently has more than 61 million followers. A few days ago, when GQ magazine launched a photograph of her that “did not represent her” on her cover, as she expressed in her profile, thousands of celebrities began to support her.

Not only Latin American singers but from different parts of the world and even Hollywood actresses as well. Such was the case of the Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis, who made an important reflection on her social networks. “I am so happy that @karolg is to raise awareness about a topic that has concerned me for a long time. We are human beings. We are not AI and this genocide against the naturally beautiful is alarming and it must be talked about,” said the American activist.

Despite the bad experience with the magazine, Carol G. then he gave an interview to the New York Times. She there she hinted that she feels in love with her, although she did not give further details. “I didn’t want to fall in love again. I’m not going to try to build my personal life with anyone. But life just brought someone into my life that is like feeling happy again, so I wanted to share moments with another person again. That was something new I learned with this album. I was going to be really mad about love and everything and at the end of the album, now I’m feeling it again,” she opened up.

On April 8, the former de anuel aa shared a photo on her official Twitter account where she is seen wearing an elegant blue dress. “Today I realized that I like blue how it looks on me,” she wrote in the post. Let’s remember that La Bichota had her hair that color for a long time, before changing to red.

This is how Karol G looked with blue hair. Source: Instagram @karolg

“Beautiful”, “beautiful”, “we knew that for a long time mamiiiii” and “You are perfect the way you are, we love you and if the blue is better in your hair” were just some of the compliments that the singer from Medellín received. A fan who knows more about her artistic life alerted the rest of her: “Carol G. It has already been activated, he has finished preparing what is coming. PS: put up with the fact that the Bichota comes with everything ”.