Karol G revealed her niece’s face for the first time and made everyone fall in love

Despite the controversy in which it has been involved Carol G. In recent days due to her ex-partner’s song, the singer has decided to focus on what is most important to her, her family. Recently, Karol G shared the face of her niece Sophie, her sister’s daughter, on her social networks Veronica Giraldo.

Carol’s niece. Source: Tik tok @karolg

The publication was very well received by the artist’s followers, who highlighted the beauty of the little girl and the great physical similarity she shares with Carol G. and her sister Veronica. The singer was very excited to be an aunt and she made it clear that it is an experience that she enjoys to the fullest.

Carol G and her family. Source: Instagram @yegirado_

It is important to note that, although Verónica has not shared images of her daughter’s face on her Twitter account, Instagram, She has been very active on social networks, especially on beauty and aesthetic issues, which has allowed her to have many followers who praise her for her content.

On the other hand, the other sister of Carol G, Jessica, is a lawyer and is believed to be working with the singer’s legal team. For her part, Katherine, the artist’s other sister, owns a local restaurant and stands out for her passion for modeling.

Carol G and her sisters. Source: Instagram @veronicagiraldonavarro.

In short, the Instagram post of Carol G. shows that, despite fame and success, the singer does not lose sight of the most important thing in her life, her family. In addition, the physical similarity between the singer and her sisters, as well as the great resemblance between Karol G and her niece, shows that the artist’s family is very close and close.