Karol G revealed how he wants his funeral to be

Colombian singer Carol G. 31 years old is one of the great international figures today. La Bichota shone during this 2022 with an international tour called ‘Strip Love Tour’ and now she is in the middle of a break to resume her show schedule in February.

Carol G. She is very active on social networks where she accumulates more than 58 million followers from all over the world who are aware of her movements. For them she shares her best looks and poses and also some postcards from her travels and her work.

Besides, Carol G. He is used to giving interviews but not to traditional media and there he makes important revelations. In her most recent, the singer spoke about her death and said that she takes it naturally and calmly, in addition to telling her fans how she would like her wake to be.

Carol G. spoke with the Puerto Rican comedian, Chente Ydrach, for Amazon Music, and said: “From now on I have a new request for my family, which is the one I say these things to: have a party in my name, very chimb* , that’s very top, with my favorite songs, I’m going to leave a playlist called: For when I die… a playlist and the order in which I want them to listen to it”.

Karol G. Source: Terra archive

Carol G. then he explained that this list that he plans to leave ready for when he is no longer on this plane, will initially include romantic songs and later “And from there the perreo and then like a salsa one.” The news surprised her fans but it was not questioned since everything Bichota does or says is respected.