Karol G shows that green is the most trending color of the season

Carol G. She is one of the most important artists of recent times. She recently released her latest album called ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’ and it is a success on the different music platforms in the world. Songs like ‘Me curo del cora’, ‘Te queda grande’ and ‘Mañana ser bonito’ (same name of the album) are some of the most listened to.

This Thursday, April 6, Carol G. He gave an interview in GQ Magazine, where he talked about everything a little. Regarding the album, she expressed: “I am showing the public a very personal part of myself. I express a lot of pain in my music (…) Many people have told me that my songs have accompanied them during their breakups”.

In addition to music, Carol G. It is also venturing into new areas, for which it is preparing a lot. La Bichota has a small role in the upcoming Griselda Blanco biopic on Netflix, for which she is taking body expression classes. “I have learned to release my emotions. I think when my fans sing my songs with me, it’s my way of connecting with them. And if I see some crying, I start crying with them, ”she revealed during the extensive interview.

For the magazine photo shoot, Carol G. She wore a green minidress with an exposed abdomen. Without a doubt we are talking about the color of the season. Spring-summer 2023 has been key in Europe to show some trends. As for the tones, they range from apple to emerald.

Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Shannon de Lima and even China Suárez have become standard bearers of green on their social networks. The picture of Carol G. with the minidress, although she has not made it public in her instagram official, it is already present on the different platforms and it has become all the rage.