Karol G turns on the network with a tight body

Carol G She recently finished her ‘Streap Love Tour’, which has overwhelmed her with emotion. “The truth is, summarizing everything I wanted to say in a caption is impossible,” she began by saying in her last post, where she added photographs of the different countries. “The energy that was felt in each of the places I was was huge, beautiful and SUPER POWERFUL” expressed the Colombian artist.

Carol G She spoke about her entire team that accompanies her from show to show: “I could say that each of the people who live the experience every night, leave with a full, content, happy and motivated heart, including me!” Despite all her success, she still can’t believe it: “I lived these last two months in the most intense and conscious way that I have ever done… 33 shows between the United States and Canada, 33 SOLD OUTS shows”.

the bichota she felt really in love with her audience: “I have to say that I have the most beautiful audience, the one that sings the most, the one that dances the most, the ones that shout the most, the most special… I loved the costumes, the flowers, the little gifts, the signs , The times that they did not let me sing for yelling nice things at me, the times that they made me cry with love and that they cried with me and the happiness that each one radiated in that place.

Karol G achieved 33 Sold Out. Source: Instagram @karolgpowergirl

Finally, Carol he dedicated all his success to his “casita Colombia”. “It is full of talent and people who work daily to get ahead and I am already crazy to see what the future holds for me, I am crazy to see them again enjoy it with me and ready to work tirelessly with an open heart to receive many more blessings! ! “I love you well,” she concluded her post.

Karol G concert. Source: Instagram @karolgpowergirl

Among all the photographs of the show in Instagram, the interpreter of ‘El Makinón’ shone on stage in a tight black leather bodysuit, fishnet stockings and buccaneers. The publication exceeded one million likes and 195,000 comments, full of love and affection.

Karol G in a tight bodysuit on stage. Source: Instagram @karolgpowergirl