Karol G was on the verge of censorship with a white bodysuit that left little to the imagination

Carol G. is nothing short of surprising his fans with new music. He already announced a few days ago that his new album will be called ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’. It is also known that there will be a collaboration with Shakira and with the King of Bachata Romeo Santos. On January 29, the singer published a video on the camera network in which he was seen listening to ‘X if we return’.

In the last few hours Carol G. posted a new photo shoot where she is seen posing in a tight white bodysuit that left little to the imagination. “To Vary: on the beach in RD. Punta Cana” she wrote and hinted at the name of her new song: “X IF WE GO BACKsssssssssssssss”. In a few hours the publication reached 1.8 million likes and 33,000 comments.

New photo session of Karol G. Source: Instagram @karolg

Although most were flattery and sighs for the Colombian, a follower commented: “Those photos were made by her worst enemy, it doesn’t do her any favors, she has a little tummy and now it’s not that I fall for it, it’s my humble opinion”. Carol G. She did not remain silent and commented through her stories.

Karol G on his back.?
Source: Instagram @karolg

“The photos were not made by my worst enemy, they were taken by one of the best photographers I have ever met and I still can’t believe we took photos together” Karol began by saying to shut the haters’ mouths. And she continued: “It’s not about whether or not my body favors me because well, it’s my body and it’s like that… so why look for a difference if IT IS SO.”

Karol G posed in the foreground. Source: Instagram @karolg

One of the things that caught the most attention is that La Bichota hinted that she could be a mother in a short time. “And the tummy was due to the Hot dog that someone gave me these days at a show… although a long time ago I was not so judicious with the exercise so I can say that at another time when not, it will be able to look more still big” he wrote in his instagram stories.

Karol G in tight body. Source: Instagram @karolg

And finally, he left a message for his fans: “Never let comments like these distort the beautiful way you look… all bodies are different… Everyone is beautiful just the way they are… what a cool diversity and Furthermore, how nice it is to see what is real and not what is ephemeral (Thank you very much to the people who do it.) Have you ever thought that there are people who are really experiencing difficult things and going through real needs to worry about cellulite, a wrinkle or a chubby NORMAL ??? Hmm… I hope not…”. “Love each other a lot then!!!” the greeting Carol G. to his fans.

Download of Karol G against his haters. Source: Instagram @karolg
Advertisement by Karol G. Source: Instagram @karolg