Karol G’s forceful response to Yailin La Más Viral that surprised everyone

The hints between the Dominican singer Yailin, the most viral and current girlfriend of Anuel AA and the artist’s ex, Karol G seem to have no end. They always attract attention on social networks and fans are divided into two camps in the middle of this trio that has little love and a lot of confrontation.

Carol G She has become one of the most listened to Latin artists in the world and a few weeks ago she shone at the Coachella festival where she also performed one of her most recent musical collaborations called “Mamii” together with Becky G, but that sparked controversy.

Netizens on social media immediately linked the lyrics of the song ‘Mamii’ with the story of Carol G and Anuel AA. The truth is that the Colombian singer got tired of being the target of criticism and speculation and went out to clarify the meaning of the lyrics on social networks.

Yailin’s message. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

“I feel that there are many people who are hurt, but unfortunately I am not to blame for anything. This song isn’t about hurt women, it’s about critters who’ve moved on. We are going to sing it loud so that it is heard and is clear, “he said. Carol G.

Yailin. Source: instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

Apparently Yailin, the most viral, She felt that this message was addressed to her and in the middle of one of the recent shows she gave in the United States, she commented in a situational way. “Men don’t like serious women, men like mean women. That’s why she caught the Domi (Dominican), that’s why she kept the Domi”.