Kate Middleton, incredible: her son has to do with it, no one would have ever imagined

Kate Middleton, incredible: her son has to do with it, no one would have ever imagined; the background that not everyone knows.

Her name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, but for everyone she is simply Kate Middleton. The woman who first met Prince Williams at the University of St Andrews in 2001 and began a relationship with him a few years later.

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A wonderful love story, the one between William and Kate, who got married a few months after the announcement of the official engagement. The two said yes on April 29, 2011, in Westminster Abbey, in the presence of the whole royal family and from their union they were born three childrenGeorge in 2013, Charlotte in 2015 and Louis in 2018. Today we want to talk to you about the eldest son of the Dukes of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis, who is now ten years old. There is a background concerning the little one that not everyone can imagine.

Kate Middleton, the sensational background on her son George

All crazy about little prince George. William and Kate’s first child, who turned nine on July 22, has repeatedly become the subject of videos and ‘memes’ that have gone viral on the web. Thanks to his expressions of him and his funny faces, often very eloquent, with which he is immortalized during the official events to which he must attend, strictly in elegant dress. Not everyone, however, knows a background that concerns their own the eldest son of the Dukes of Cambridge.

The little one, as we all know, is called George, but not everyone knows why. As per tradition, the child received the name of one of the ancestors of the royal family. In this case, del father of Queen Elizabeth, King George VI. A name Kate liked, but it wasn’t the only one of hers on her wish list. As reported by Fanpage.it, in fact, Middleton also liked the name Alexander, which was still chosen as the second name for the little one. As reported by Fanpage.it, it was the family dog ​​who chose the name, approaching one of the two tickets left on the floor. This is the Lupo cocker, with whom the little ones grew up, and who passed away in November 2020.

And you, did you know this curious background on Prince George of Cambridge?

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Where Willim and Kate’s children go to school

And with the end of the summer, George, Louis and Charlotte will be back in school too. And they will do it away from London. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have in fact moved to Windsor and it is there that their three children will attend the same institution. As People reports, the children were enrolled in the Lambrook School, in Berkshire. George and Charlotte drop out of Thomas’s School in Battersea, which they have attended since 2017 and 2019 respectively, while little Louis attended Willcocks Nursey School.