Kate Middleton, Prince William goes to visit her in hospital: the hypotheses on the surgery

There is an aura of mystery about Kate Middleton’s surgery and her real condition. How serious are they? Prince William visited his wife hospitalized at the London Clinic in the British capital. The heir to the throne, who canceled his public commitments, was seen driving a sedan while leaving the private clinic. The unspecified abdominal operation was performed “successfully” but it seems that it will require her to be hospitalized for an estimated 10-14 days. This is what we read on Daily Mirror which, like the other tabloids and the entire British press, is following with great attention and concern the developments regarding the health of the Princess of Wales following the announcement received yesterday from the Palace.

Meanwhile, hypotheses are being made in the tabloids about a type of surgery of a certain importance, given the recovery times, to which the princess was subjected. The Daily Mail, based on the indications of an expert, talks about a possible hysterectomy (WHAT IS IT), which can be done if not to intervene on a tumor (at least excluded from the media) to prevent a future oncological risk. At the moment there are no official updates on Kate’s condition and after yesterday’s announcement the court has committed to making public only “significant” news on developments in her health.