Katia Follesa never seen like this: drastic change of look for her

Katia Follesa surprises the fans and shows herself like this: drastic change of look for her.

Katia Follesa is always very busy, since 2018 together with Damiano Carrara he is at the helm of the Cake Star-Pasticcerie in challenge program. During the format, three pastry shops from a specific location compete against each other. The owners of the premises give an opinion on the cabaret of the pastas, the place and the centerpiece.

Katia Follesa, look (credits: instagram)

Katia and Damiano also give their vote, but that of the chef is revealed only at the end and can also turn the situation around. It is a very popular program on Real Time that has been on the air for a few years. This is just one of the host’s many commitments. In 2021 you will remember her in the first edition of Lol-Who laughs is out where she came one step away from victory. The format conducted this season by Mara Maionchi and Fedez saw the victory of Ciro Priello while the Follesa came in second place.

Years have passed since he made his debut in the world of entertainment. It was 2001 when she formed the comic duo Katia & Valeria with Valeria Graci. After a stint she arrives on television in programs such as Colorado Cafè. She also becomes part of Zelig Circus and Zelig Off, and Seriously. The duo disbanded in 2012. Both have continued to work in the entertainment world, often with different roles. Katia after the dissolution of the group has ranged in other areas. The success has meant that even on social networks the number of followers grew. And it is on social media that he recently surprised everyone with a completely different look than usual.

Katia Follesa shows herself with a different look than usual: we have never seen her like this

Katia Follesa is a comedian, TV presenter and actress and is a character of the show much loved by the public. The same follows her on social media. On the instagram channel she publishes many shots and someone very ironic. She is very naughty and above all very self-deprecating.

In fact, there are many photos in which he jokes and makes fun of himself. Some time ago she published, for example, an image in which she shows herself without makeup and writes in support: “I love blue eyes, I always wear them when I can”. And it is her eyes that capture the attention, blue in color, very beautiful. Recently, the presenter surprised her followers who are over a million, publishing a shot in which an unusual change is seen.

katia follesa look
New look (credits: instagram)

Here is the change of look we are talking about. Katia showed herself with pink and darker hair at the root of her. Usually we see her with a blonde hair and with some nuances inside her, now her style is totally different. It could be that it is a temporary look, made for the moment and for a certain project or that she wanted to change completely.