Katia Pedrotti changes her haircut: an idea to copy after the holidays

The beautiful Katia Pedrotti shows the new cut chosen for her hair: a mix of sensuality and elegance from which to take inspiration.

It’s been 18 years since we met her on TV thanks to her participation in the fourth edition of Big Brother: it was back in 2004 and she was going through the red door to start the craziest experience of her life and that her life has definitely changed it since in the most spied house in Italy she met the man of her life.

Katia Pedrotti hair change (Credits: Instagram)

With Ascanio Pacelli it was not immediately love at first sight, at least not for her, but the handsome Roman noble was so patient and far-sighted in conquering her that after about 16 years the two are still a very solid couple and one of the most loved in the world of entertainment. Many things have changed since Barbara D’Urso yelled her “Ragazziiii” from the broadcast studio and now the beautiful Milanese and the golf instructor have two children, Tancredi and Matilda, both already grown up.

Proof of this is the affection of the fans who still follow them and support them through social media. Among other things, Katia is also ainfluencer much appreciated, who with her always trendy looks manages to be a point of reference for many of her followers. Just in these hours, the very blonde ex gieffina showed everyone her new haircut. A true fairy tale, look here!

Katia Pedrotti surprises everyone with a new cut: this is what she did to her hair

Thanks to her passion for style and the latest trends, Pedrotti also has a blog where she dispenses advice fashion and beauty. On Instagram it is very popular and boasts more than 500 thousand followers.

Her platinum blonde hair has always been her main physical feature. Besides, of course, her gorgeous eye color. Precisely these were enhanced to the maximum by the new haircut with which the former competitor of the GF he wanted to change his image.

In a video posted on Instagram, we can admire the masterpiece that Katia has chosen for her hair. She has shortened the length and now her tuft is much more lateral, almost covering the eye. A touch that makes it even more elegant, sophisticated and ‘mysterious’, don’t you think?

These days Katia has enchanted everyone on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival where her husband was expected to have presented the ad for the film Time is still ours, film about golf, a sport in which he is a professional. His long black dress was definitely one of the most particular of all those seen on the various days of the event.

Katia Pedrotti hair cut
Katia Pedrotti new cut (Credits: Instagram)

Do you love this look too?