Katie Holmes on Dawson’s Creek reboot: ‘We’re thinking about it’

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In the era of the passion for reboots and revivals on the part of film and TV producers, a lot has also been said about Dawson’s Creeka television series aired in the United States from 1998 to 2003 which launched the careers of many protagonists of the small and big screen including Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes. The latter, guest of one of the talks Women in Motion which are held every year as part of the Cannes Film Festival (THE SPECIAL), revealed to variety his fears about one resumption of the show in which she acted as a young girl. The era we live in, she said, could destroy the atmosphere for which, even today, the TV series is remembered and appreciated.

A reboot dthe Dawson’s Creek? It wouldn’t work

Katie Holmes can’t stop talking about Dawson’s Creekthe title to which her beginnings in the world of acting are linked and which brought her global fame.
The actress who at the time successfully played the role of Joey Pottera provincial teenager grappling with growth problems and her first great loves, confirmed that the idea of ​​resuming the discourse Dawson’s Creek in terms of reboot teased the protagonists but many, including you, they are not really convinced that the project can work.
The uniqueness of a story and a story like the one created by Kevin Williamson is all in the historic moment in which it was conceived.

Set in the 1990s, the epic story of Dawson Leery (the character of actor James Van Der Beek) and his friends takes a specific generation: that of young people at the end of the Millennium whose experiences still passed exclusively through direct contact. Before the internet, before cell phones and social media, the group of kids who star in the series experienced a simple life, made up of small and big dramas, which today could no longer be told in the same way. For Katie Holmes, a reboot would undo the effect”time capsule” in which the original story remained confined, and she would not like it at all.

Katie Holmes’ new directing career

During the interview, the actress, now also a director, discussed hers fourth project which sees her engaged behind the camera, one more job in progress and that she will not be involved as an interpreter.
Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, after a phase in which she took part in major Hollywood projects (see Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan), has chosen the path of independent films making several in turn as a director. Among the works signed by Holmes are: Eternal Princessco-signed with Ainz Prasad (2015), All We Had (2017) ed Alone Together (2022).
Participation in the Cannes talk is due precisely to Holmes’ activity as an author, young director in an environment in which the massive presence of female faces and names is only now being noticed. Of course it wasn’t like that, says the American, at the time of her debut when women in Hollywood were very few; in Dawson’s Creekfor example, few women were called to direct some episodes of the show and with them, recalls the actress, she had worked very well.
Since then, almost everything has changed: today the women in directing and in other positions on the sets have multiplied and their commitment is widely appreciated.