Katy Perry unleashed in the Dolce & Gabbana commercial designed by Paolo Sorrentino. VIDEO

The perfume commercial Devotion Of Dolce & Gabbana, directed by Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino, portrayed the Dolce Vita on the Island of Capri already in July 2022, but now with video it has also conquered the web and social media. A boat cuts through the waters and Katy Perry, in a floral crop top and skirt, arrives at the port joined by the clamor of admirers who ask her for a selfie. The American star walks through the picturesque streets of the historic center, where she greets a group of students and receives compliments from an elderly lady sitting outside her house, but the day immersed in beauty soon turns into a night of fun. On the notes of the classic Neapolitan song ‘O Surdato ‘NnammuratoPerry goes wild in the famous Anema e Core Tavern between tambourines, sparks and dancing on the tables. When the time came to go home, in the famous Piazzetta the pop star ran into Michele Morronethe seductive sailor who throws his heart at his feet.


“We are proud to be part of this story” he declared Gianluigi Lemboowner of the Anema e Core Tavern which is now a point of reference for celebrities in our country. Among her many, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Yeoh and her husband Jean Todt, Andrew Garfield, Chiara Ferragni, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey.