Keanu Reeves speaks from his heart about ‘Sad Keanu’ meme: ‘I had some things going’

Keanu Reeves has not only gained positive and growing fame through his famous performances and films, he has also done so through the image he projects on the internet through his generous actions. And if there is something that has helped Keanu to have a good vibes with people, it has been his memes.

John Wick actor appeared in The Late Show with Stephan Colbert earlier this week to promote his next movie The Matrix Resurrections.

The famous “Sad Keanu” meme

During the program, the actor from Constantine reflected on the viral image in which the 57-year-old actor is seen sitting on a bench with a sad face.

However, Reeves revealed that there was nothing quite as depressing about the photo as netizens imagined.

Keanu Reeves and Stephen Colbert
Keanu Reeves and Stephen Colbert

He said: “Man, I’m eating a sandwich. … I was thinking. I had some things going. I was hungry.”

Not only this, the meme was also featured in one of his BRZRKR books that Reeves co-wrote with Matt Kindt.

Matt Kindt's version of the Sad KEanu meme
Matt Kindt’s version of the Sad KEanu meme

The actor of Speed said he had no idea that Kindt I would include the recreated version of the meme in the book.

“I didn’t know he was going to do that, but that’s what he did, so I think it’s kind of a goal. The artist, I think, took that meme and whatever, that photo, and put it in the comic. So that’s life in art ”, Reeves added.