Keep calm before seeing what Shakira looks like dressed as a devil for Halloween

In the world of entertainment, surprises never stop. Shakira, the famous Colombian singer and songwriter, has once again left her fans speechless by uploading a story to her Instagram dressed as a devil, just in time to celebrate Halloween. The image of Shakira dressed in a daring devilish outfit has become the talk of social networks.

However, what has drawn even more attention is the fact that Shakira decided to change the lyrics of her hit song “La Bicicleta” during a recent live performance. The song, which she originally performed with Carlos Vives and which made reference to his relationship with Gerard Piqué, has now been modified to omit any mention of the Spanish footballer.

Shakira. Source: Instagram @shakira

This drastic elimination of references to Piqué in the song has surprised many, since Shakira and Piqué have been one of the most beloved and media couples in the world of entertainment. The news has generated all kinds of speculation about the status of their relationship. The surprise does not end there, since Shakira made an unexpected appearance at Carlos Vives’ concert, with whom she has a long-lasting friendship. Carlos Vives’ excitement and the audience’s reaction were palpable when the pop star took the stage.

Furthermore, fans of Shakira They noticed the change in the lyrics of the song, which generated controversy and recalled the trial for alleged plagiarism that they faced with Carlos Vives in relation to “La Bicicleta”. The Provincial Court of Madrid finally decided not to fine the artists for plagiarism, but the issue remains the subject of discussion.

Shakira. Source: Instagram @shakira

In summary, the transformation of Shakira in a little devil for Halloween and the changes in the lyrics of “La Bicicleta” have generated a great stir in the world of entertainment. Fans are eager to know more about the reasons behind these changes and how the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué will evolve in the future.