Keep calm before seeing what the Paquitas look like today, 30 years after ‘El Show de Xuxa’

The Paquitas, the iconic group of young people who accompanied the Brazilian star Xuxa on his hit television show, left an indelible mark on the memory of an entire generation. As three decades have passed since the show came to an end, the lives of these talented women have taken surprisingly different directions. Here’s a look at how they are today: Leticia Spiller: She entered the program in 1989 at just 16 years old and left her mark on the hearts of viewers. Since then, she has become a talented actress and singer. She has worked on various soap operas and continues to be a respected figure in the entertainment industry. In addition, she is the mother of two children and is dedicated to humanitarian causes.

Catia Paganote: After her time as Paquita, Catia Paganote ventured into politics and ran for congress in Brazil. In addition, she continued her relationship with show business as a plus-size singer and model. Currently, she has opted for a quieter life and has moved to a more relaxed area. Ana Paula Almeida: Ana Paula Almeida was one of the young women who was part of the team of xuxa in the Argentine version of the program. After her stage as Paquita, she became a consultant and has continued to participate in entertainment-related projects. Tatiana Maranhão: Tatiana Maranhão has maintained a close link with show business after her time as Paquita. Although she left television, she has worked in show productions and is still a part of the art community.

Paquitas. Source: Instagram @clubedaspaquitas

Priscilla Couto: After her time as paquita, Priscilla Couto chose to dedicate herself to studying and became a lawyer. She has maintained a close relationship with her colleagues from her time and continues to participate in events related to television. Juliana Baroni: Juliana Baroni is another Paquita who has managed to stand out in acting. She has starred in numerous soap operas and has followed through on her passion for singing. In addition, she has started a family and has had an important role in the series on the life of Diego Maradona.

Paquitas. Source: Instagram @clubedaspaquitas

Bianca Rinaldi: Bianca Rinaldi is one of the paquitas who has had a successful path in acting. She has starred in several soap operas and has continued to be involved in social issues. She is the mother of twin girls and is dedicated to fighting racism through non-profit organizations. Natalia Oreiro: Natalia Oreiro is perhaps one of the most recognized Paquitas worldwide. After her time on the show, she has had a successful acting and singing career. She has started a family and continues to maintain a special bond with Xuxa.

Julieta Cardinali: Julieta Cardinali is another paquita who has managed to stand out in acting. She has worked on various productions and has had a successful career in television and film. She got married and is the mother of a girl. Karina Rivero: Karina Rivero was part of the group of young people that accompanied Xuxa on Argentine television. After her time as Paquita, she decided to step away from fame and dedicated herself to her family. She has opted for a quieter life and away from the media. Although her paths have taken different directions, the Paquitas de Xuxa are still fondly remembered by those who grew up watching them on screen. Each has left their mark on the entertainment industry and has continued her life in unique and courageous ways. As time goes by, her legacy lives on, reminding us of the magic and fun that we were given during those years full of music, dance and laughter.